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Horse & Rider Gear is an online glossary of terms and definitions commonly encountered by horse lovers. Click on the links below to choose from our alphabetical list of terms.

Horse & Rider Gear

No other animal commands as much pride and admiration as the horse. Its grace, spirit, and sheer beauty is, for many horse lovers, reason enough to provide the best possible care.

But horse owners know that looking after a horse means a huge investment of time, energy and money.

Horse and Rider Gear is designed to be a valuable resource for horse owners looking for answers to common questions, or trying to find great online shopping deals. By providing you with the information you need to know, Horse and Rider Gear will help you get the most from your investment.

You might be wondering what kind of feed would be best for your animal. Perhaps you intend to purchase a saddle or other equipment, and require further information. Or, you may be simply looking for stylish, yet functional, clothing to wear while riding. Whatever the case may be, Horse and Rider Gear will point you and your horse in the right direction!

And, by following the expert advice offered in this site, we have every confidence that your animal will live a healthy, active life, while providing you with many years of enjoyment!

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Horse and Rider Gear is like no other equestrian resource on the Internet!

Through a creative partnership with Storey Books, the editors at Horse and Rider Gear have been able to create this valuable glossary of horse terms and definitions.

All material on Horse and Rider Gear is reprinted with permission from Storey Book's Horse Lover's Encyclopedia. This indispensable volume includes more than 500 definitions and illustrations that all horse owners will find useful.

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